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Cartoon Pet Cat Toy Stick Feather Rod Mouse Toy


Outsole Material: COTTON
Season: All Seasons
Pattern Type: Animal Prints
Function: Deodorization, Air Permeability
1pc1pc 4.2CM Ball1pc cat toy1pc Random Color1pcs1pcs Color mixing1pcs color Random1pcs Random1pcs Random Color1pcs Random Color30cm plush toy30pcs3pcs Random Color50cm Colorful5pcs5pcs mouseballBirdMousetriangle
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[Commodity name]: Spring sucker mouse and cat toy

[Commodity specifications]: Full length 20CM, mouse 10CM

[Suitable for]: cat

[Packing information]: 8 g

[Product Features]: The advantage of this spring mouse is its toughness. When the cat pounces on the spring, the mouse will sway with the elasticity of the spring, as if it is alive, it will awaken the cat’s instinct to catch the mouse and make the cat rejuvenate. , To enhance the feelings between pets and cats to interact more interesting, this funny cat is great, cats will absolutely love it.


Bring the beautiful world outside to the lonely cat at home! Arouse the nature of cats who love hunting, tracking, and games. Let your interaction with your cat be more harmonious, and help you create an original ecological and more responsible lifestyle. After many tests and verifications, you can play with your cat more at ease.
package include :1pcs cat toys (color Random )







Toys Type

Mice & Animal Toys

Is Smart Device








19 reviews for Cartoon Pet Cat Toy Stick Feather Rod Mouse Toy

  1. R***a

    Excuse on descriptiono. Playing with perchata E is a lot of beautiful. Kotkata is not Spira and play with No. Thanks for the delivery. Porchan E on 03.06.2022, pristyzhna in blgaria on 22.06.2022. Thanks to edible.

  2. Customer

    Garna igrashka for the kitty for the flower) ochoche gradeyas) to uncle for the shvidka delivery, I recommend

  3. C***e

    This is the second time I order them, my cat comes running once she hears the sound of the little bell, it helps me find it easily.

  4. K***k

    The cat liked it. But I thought they ‘d be bigger.

  5. D***d

    product came in 26 days. quality is good ALHAMDULILLAH. came unharmed. my cat loved it and already teared a part of it. maybe have to fix the spring to the sucker. both store and product recommended

  6. У***а

    Delivery to MOS. OBL month, all as in the description, only the sucker does not work, the cat played a little

  7. N***a

    Delivery in Mo one and a half months United parcel. Cats have been checked! The tail was torn off immediately, there was a sharp dangerous hairpin. Removed it, in order to avoid injuries, the tail was sewn. They’re playing Voxu. The sucker keeps well, but the toy itself is constantly falling out of it. But for such a price, you can forgive… Thank you!

  8. Е***а

    The toy came for a month. Expected that the spring will be longer. The sucker does not hold at all, but the glue will fix everything. On the interest of the cat did not check, because she has love affairs on her mind.

  9. Customer

    The sucker is badly glued, but the cat is happy

  10. J***n

    Did not pay attention to the length of the toy, and it is very small, but the cat was played with joy

  11. Customer

    My cats loved it so much they destroyed it as fast as I opened it. They still play with the bell. Wish I could take pictures before giving it to them to play. I’ts very nice as a toy. Would recommend as smth new to the cats.

  12. C***z

    It’s very excellent, I should have bought 3 my cat devoured it, played it all the time with it and I didn’t take a picture

  13. A***y

    They’re very nice, they have a proper atamyear, they’re soft and the butt moves. The spring is not so strong and folded with the weight of the doll, the hiccup could be larger to have greater hold, still stand. If the cat plays hard with them then they come off the floor. My cats very happy with the toy, immediately went to play. 3 weeks to arrive in Mexico

  14. M***a

    The mouse could not be fixed, so that the Pussy would play on the spring.

  15. 5***r

    Mold, trash and dirt in the toy. We have to throw it away!

  16. A***z

    It is a suitable toy to leave stuck in some window or a place for your cat to spend a good time playing I recommend they are light and the noise of the Bell draws attention a little more 15 days in combined order

  17. K***a

    For such money, the toy is good. I don’t have a suction cup on the floor. Deposits only on very smooth surfaces-such as a mirror

  18. U***a

    But she really liked this, it’s a pity that it keeps on the surface for not as long as I would like

  19. B***S

    The product is very good at quality, I thought it would be plastic but it is a material similar to a very thick wire so it is resistant, I tried this toy with my cats and he liked them. They were entertaining a good time.

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